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Saratoga Family Awe

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If this works, I’ll be able to post directly to the blog from my phone. I’m at home now, but I was in Saratoga for the 2017 Whitney a couple of days ago. I only used the phone camera instead of schlepping the Nikon to the track, so I had to conserve power in the phone to last the, yes, twelve hour day.

You’ll see more photos from the track soon. #WinAndYoureIn #BCSWEEPSTAKES

Anyway, it DOES work.

I can’t set up keywords through the WordPress app on the phone, nor can I caption and title the photo file, but y’all should be able to see the post and photo. Which is, IMO, what counts for now.

That I could only live post to Facebook or Twitter bothered me. You guys are the ones I like seeing my stuff first.

However, I can add keywords and edit when I access the blog dashboard via the desktop. (I know, that’s tech stuff, not horses, so blah, blah, blah. 🙂 😉  )

Also, SnapSeed

I’ve never really been happy with my phone photos. The husband of one of my writer pals took a course in iPhone photography, and he’s now shooting fine art photos with an emphasis on street scenes. Bill Carito posted on the Jungle Red Writers blog about how he learned. Most of it is translatable to the Android, which is the phone platform I use.

Because I shot the photo to show how families can enjoy together time at the racetrack, I wanted to focus on the horses and the children in the photo. I used an app Bill recommended called Snapeed to vignette, or “burn in,” the edges of the crowd to focus on the horse, its connections, and the children in the front of the fans.

BTW, if you don’t know, Bill is married to novelist Barbara Ross, whose Maine Clambake mysteries will take you on vacation.



“Win & You’re In” Is Going Around!

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Breeders Cup Win and You're In image

Right after the 2017 Kentucky Derby, I told y’all my Derby Dreams. No big hats, high heels, or mint juleps. More like, a windbreaker, hard boots, and a cup of joe.

I still dream of touring the Churchill Downs backside during Derby Week with NBC Sports Announcers Randy Moss and Jerry Bailey just to listen and watch and learn. To paraphrase Randy’s on-air statement, I wouldn’t “kill for” the opportunity, but I did make a pitch here on the blog.

Coincidentally, during the coverage of the Belmont Stakes, America’s Best Racing and Harrahs announced they’ve added another VIP Experience opportunity

  • A TV package in which a meet-and-greet with Randy and Jerry is included along with a view of life on the TV crew and time at the golf shoot at Tory Pines.

Regular readers of this blog suspect I’ll pass on that offer.

Been there, done that

You longtime readers know I used to work in TV sports and am an TV engineer’s wife. My reasoning for not going to the backstretch at the Derby those years ago, as I wrote in a previous post, is because I’d been presented a TV credential and I didn’t want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and screw up. My goal was to get to that spot on the press box roof after the race before the Derby. I was taking no chances. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

Also, to look like a member of the crew, I was dressed for work. Pants, nice sleeveless sweater, and No Hat. A hatless woman at Churchill on Derby Day is conspicuous.

My hubs “MacGuyver” didn’t just work on horse racing. He worked on a lot of golf tournaments. The first Skins Games in both Scottsdale and Palm Springs. Jamaica. The Bahamas. New Orleans. Greensboro, NC. West Palm … . See? It already looks like a Jimmy Buffet tour schedule. Or the lyrics to “Kokomo.”

After his schedule became less predictable (aka, we didn’t know his schedule far enough in advance for me to book cheap flights), I came off the road. I settled in with a camera and a notebook (yes, dead-tree paper) at a daily newspaper. On my desk bulletin board was a bumper sticker saying:

TV made me what I am today

I’ve worked as a member of the crew in a TV truck. I operated computer graphics machines for figure skating, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer. Before I was a network TV tech, I also “did remotes” with a small station TV truck, so I helped during “tear down,” a.k.a., packing up the equipment.

So, TV production? Been there, done that.

More about the #WinAndYoureIn

The hashtag tells you I’ve begun my campaign. Who knows if the hashtag works out here on the Wild Wild Web? The contest, like the Derby qualifying races, runs on a points system, calibrated through social media usage, but using the hashtag here is worth a shot, right? I’m using it as a keyword, too.

You’ve probably figured out, instead of going for a chance to meet Randy and Jerry–as well as enduring more exposure to TV golf–I chose the backstretch VIP Tour with the possibility of meeting trainer Bob Baffert and jockey Mike Smith. The rules state the “possibility.” I realize they’ll have a lot to do. But I’d be closer to the horses than on the other tours. I must keep my eyes on the prize.

Breeders Cup at Del MarHeck, y’all are welcome to go for it, too. Think of it: a trip for two to the Breeders Cup in Del Mar on the first weekend in November.

Del Mar. It looks gorgeous on TV.

Ya know, I would be thrilled if one of y’all won. Thrilled. Be sure to tell me if you win. Heck, if you do, you can guest post about your experiences.

Then again, one of the other #BCSweepstakes tours may suit your fancy better. That’s okay, too. You may want to be on that TV truck. More power to you. 🙂

The #BC17 Challenge Races TV schedule

Wowza, there’s lots of horse racing coming up on TV, mostly NBC Sports Network on cable. As of this writing, we’re in the midst of Royal Ascot coverage here in the US.

But here’s the TV schedule of the 2017 Breeder’s Cup Challenge series.

May I add, that’s just racing on NBCSN. Fox Sports 1 has a deal to broadcast NYRA races. Check your local listings at to when. Anyway …

To Randy and Jerry

I’m sorry, guys, but you see my logic. I’m looking for a way into the Breeders Cup backstretch. Del Mar in November has its appeal as well. But the last place I want to be as part of a Breeder’s Cup adventure is on a golf course. Perish the thought.

When I do join you guys at Churchill some day, I’m buying at Starbucks.