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Realities of the new entertainment economy: why it’s important for horse people to go out and see “War Horse” soon after it opens

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If you can’t see the embedded “War Horse” Trailer video, click here.

Brace yourselves. I’m going to write several posts about the upcoming major motion picture version of “War Horse.” Here’s the first. BTW, I have no connection whatsoever to the production. This is all my own opinion.

In the world of horses and culture, the release of “War Horse” directed by Hollywood visionary Stephen Spielberg is a Very Big Deal. Like, a “Dick Francis Passes Away” kind of Big Deal.

I’m talking headlines, kids. Horses in the spotlight. Maybe not on the red carpet, but in the forefront of cultural consciousness at a point other than Kentucky Derby week.

So this is our chance. Our chance to show that good movies about horses will draw crowds and make money. And I’m going to tell you why that’s so important.

Breathing Life into Wood and Fabric: “War Horse” on stage

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A poster diagram of the “Joey” puppet hangs in the theater lobby. /Photo by Rhonda Lane

Just because “War Horse” is a play based on a children’s book and stars puppets doesn’t mean this play isn’t intense.

The show might be too much for a child under 8, no matter how precocious and smart. There’s nothing gruesome in the show, but story developments can be upsetting, even to those of who studied the Joey puppet diagram hanging in the theater lobby and are intellectually hip to the fact that Joey is made of fabric and wood.

Because once you settle in your seat and the house lights go dark, Magic happens.