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More thoughts on “War Horse”

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Movie poster for "War Horse" courtesy DreamWorks Pictures

Both on the stage and in the movie versions of “War Horse,” Major Stewart charges his cavalry unit into battle for the first time with the battle cry of “Be Brave!”

It’s almost as if he’s talking to us, too, out in the audience.

Here, there be monsters.

Warning:  spoilers and tough stuff ahead

Breathing Life into Wood and Fabric: “War Horse” on stage

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A poster diagram of the “Joey” puppet hangs in the theater lobby. /Photo by Rhonda Lane

Just because “War Horse” is a play based on a children’s book and stars puppets doesn’t mean this play isn’t intense.

The show might be too much for a child under 8, no matter how precocious and smart. There’s nothing gruesome in the show, but story developments can be upsetting, even to those of who studied the Joey puppet diagram hanging in the theater lobby and are intellectually hip to the fact that Joey is made of fabric and wood.

Because once you settle in your seat and the house lights go dark, Magic happens.