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How Do I Remember the Late Bruce Smart?

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Trappe Hill Farm
Looking down at the pond and the stable at Trappe Hill Farm/Photo by Rhonda Lane

On Thanksgiving 2018, Trappe Hill Farm co-owner, Virginia Hunt Country booster, former corporate CEO, and, yes, former Reagan administration official Bruce Smart passed away.

While I was working on my post about Genuine Risk, I had been clicking over to Facebook only to see another horseman posting condolences about Bruce Smart passing away.

I’d met Bruce almost ten years ago on the same day I visited Genuine Risk’s grave in 2009. On that day, I had no idea Bruce was such a big deal in horse country and what impact meeting him would have on my interests.

Come with me into the Wayback Machine:

Hunt Country Stable Tour – weekend getaway

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Rokeby Farm courtyard
In the courtyard of Rokeby Farm is a memorial to Mill Reef/Photo by Rhonda Lane

The Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour happens every Memorial Day weekend. If you can get to the Washington, DC, area, you might want to give this tour a whirl.

After my friend Sheryl and I took the tour, I wrote about where we went and what we saw. But I didn’t tell you how we got there nor about some of the “hacks” we discovered for getting around.

Until now.

Hunt Country Stable Tour, Day Two, Part Two

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People who came more prepared than we did/Photo by Rhonda Lane
People who came to the polo match prepared - unlike us/Photo by Rhonda Lane

We raced ever more threatening skies after our lunch, again at the Red Horse Tavern out on the patio by the main drag through Middleburg.

This is the fourth installment in a series about a trip a friend and I made to take in the Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour.

The tour is both a Memorial Day weekend tradition and a fundraiser for the Trinity Episcopal Church in Upperville, VA.

FWIW, don’t think that we saw everything on the tour. Eighteen equestrian establishments opened their gates for the tour. We only visited ten of them.

That’s still a lot of touring for two days. And we still have rare draft horses and polo to go. And, I guess I’m too impatient, because polo wasn’t what I had expected.

Hunt Country Stable Tour, Day Two, Part 1

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Looking down at the pond and the stable at Trappe Hill Farm/Photo by Rhonda Lane
Looking down at the pond and the stable at Trappe Hill Farm/Photo by Rhonda Lane

Part 3 of the Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour series

On the second day of our Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour, we rolled out of our Chantilly hotel and drove west on US 50 with the knowledge that we were racing stormy weather.

And we had a big plans, too – a farm with endurance Arabians, the former home of a late Kentucky Derby winner, a stable of English shires and an afternoon capped by polo.

But would we beat the impending storms that loomed over us like the overcast sky and muggy air?