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Frankelmania comes to 14-0 close on the Twitterverse

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The Household Cavalry takes morning exercise in replicas of the silks worn by jockey Tom Queally when he rides the mighty Frankel.

If you can’t see the above-embedded video from the Racing Post of the Household Cavalry paying tribute to Frankel, click on the link.

Yes, she was there, at Ascot to see the big race. I imagine wild horses couldn’t have kept HRH Elizabeth II, one of the world’s most famous “horse girls,” away from watching Frankel’s final race.

Just like many of us American race fans who were glued to Twitter or video from gambling sites or wherever we could find the race.

Frankel, considered by many race fans to be the best horse in the world, won his final race, the 2012 Qipco Champions Stakes at Ascot. He retired undefeated.

After Oct. 20, he stepped aside leaving a 14-0 record and us Yanks dreaming of a Breeder’s Cup Classic that will never be.

What follows is all the Tweets I either forwarded or made myself shortly before and after the race. If I forwarded a Tweet, it begins with RT or MT, the latter of which meaning I edited the Tweet for space.

To find people talking about Frankel on Twitter, I ran a search on the hashtag #Frankel. I also kept an eye on my regular Twitter stream which is full of race fans.

Let’s re-live the excitement of Frankel’s last race as seen on Twitter:

Twitter Round-up: August 2011

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Over on Twitter, I like to keep an eye out for interesting horse things that pop up into my status feed. I forward them, aka retweet or RT, to those who follow my Twitter feed.

You guys who only follow my blog miss all those goodies. But don’t worry – I intend to keep you better up-to-date.

I used to write a series of posts I called the Twitter Round-Up. I think it’s time we revived that tradition.

That said, here are some of my Tweets from August – with a little set-up for some.