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May cultural and societal forces be with you, Pegasus World Cup

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Children greet pony on NYRA tour
A pony wins hearts and minds — as well as a prime spot in the memory banks of young fans AND their parents. On the NYRA tour of the Saratoga backstretch.

Move over, Dubai World Cup, with your paltry $10 million purse. Here comes the first $12 million Pegasus World Cup at Florida’s Gulfstream Park.

For many years, I’ve seen events invented, events I laughed at then and expected to be a flash in the pan. Boy, was I wrong about some.


The Super Bowl & the Budweiser Clydesdales commercials

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Last year’s Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl commercial.

A few years ago, I was a patient in a teaching hospital.  Every day, a gaggle of doctors and medical students making rounds gathered at the foot of my bed.

Once, in response to a question, I made some reference about a pain medication being “strong enough to take down a Clydesdale.”

A pale thin med student, with serious intent and a straight face, asked me, “What’s a Clydesdale?”