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Moonwalking pony – sweeping the UK

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If you can’t see the embedded video of the moon-walking pony ad, click here.

Some of you won’t be surprised to find out that I run a Twitter search stream on the term “walking horse.” A flurry of Tweets from Twitter users in Great Britain using that phrase led me to find the commercial you see above.

According to Business Insider, the moonwalking pony is the biggest viral video of the moment, as of this writing at 8:15 am EST on March 7, 2013.

I suspect it will go bigger once big media here in the states catch up. But we here at The Horsey Set Net found it first.

Curious? I keep adding to this post as new info comes in.

Two Wee Scottish Fashion Icons

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If you can’t see the above embedded video of CNN’s Jeanne Moos’ finding about those ponies in sweaters, click on the link.

I couldn’t ignore this video with behind-the-scenes photos and stories. Photos from this session with two Shetland ponies are viral sensations. Videos, Facebook streams and Twitter pass-arounds. The Scotland tourist board must be ecstatic.

Two hundred dollars for two custom-designed, hand-knitted Fair Isle sweaters? Wow. I’d pony that up, for sure.

Lots of behind-the-scenes info can be found about the ponies, the commercial, their friends, etc. on this post on My Shetland.

Thanks, Fran Jurga, Kate Rothwell and Equisearch for the find from Facebook.