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THIS is Saratoga

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Saratoga Selfie
After a misty morning at the track side breakfast, a full day of racing is ahead. And, tis true: no hat and no fancy clothes. Sorry to disappoint.

I made one trip this summer to the races at Saratoga, with friends to the Whitney Handicap.

Also, as y’all know, I’m campaigning via social media to win the Backstretch Tour package for the 2017 Breeder’s Cup in DelMar in the #BCSweepstakes. The contest sponsor helpfully provides ready-made video and tweets we can post.

This is one of them:

Two kinds of horsepower

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Where do you suppose I found THIS?

Hood ornament on a classic Packard
Is it a Duck or a Swan? Packard fans will know./Photo by Rhonda Lane

I suppose you can probably take a look around this article on the web page and figure it out soon enough. Don’t worry. You’ll still see the usual kinds of horsepower here on The Horsey Set Net. Click through and check ’em out.

Seabiscuit Slept Here – More Saratoga Photos

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Seabiscuit is said to have slept here, steps away from the Oklahoma Training Track in what’s still the Phipps Stable barn./Photo by Rhonda Lane

A couple of readers asked for more photos from my adventure with the National Museum of Racing’s Photo Finish tour with Saratoga Special photographer Tod Marks.

As I write this, it’s the day after Saratoga has closed for the season for racing thoroughbreds. Even though New York racing action has moved to Belmont Park for autumn, the Saratoga facility is still open for training until about mid-October. Old Friends Cabin Creek, Bobby Frankel division, out in nearby Greenfield Center is open all year round, especially on Saturdays.

Let’s look at some more photos: