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Ronald Reagan and El Alamein: Famous Team from the ’80s

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Mr. Reagan’s birthday is February 6, so I think he’d enjoy this little trip down the Memory Trail. No matter your political leanings, if you’re a horse person – even if you’re a horseless horse person – you’re in for a treat. 🙂 Enjoy!

If you can’t see the embedded video of Ronald Reagan grooming his horses, click on the link. The video is courtesy of the Young America’s Foundation, which is now the occupant of the former Reagan Rancho del Cielo.

They were ’80s icons. I’m not talking about Reagan and Gorbachev. Nor Hall&Oates. Nor John Henry and Chris McCarron. You’ve probably figured it out by now, but we’re talking here about President Ronald Reagan and his grey stallion El Alamein.

Non-riders are liable to find this video a snooze, but I enjoy watching it. I like the easy way Reagan has with the horses. I enjoy the background noise of the ranch like the lawn tools, the gravel crunching under shoes, the chit-chat and the radio breaking squelch.

I especially enjoy watching the subtle differences in communication between the bay horse in the first part of the video, Nancy Reagan’s horse No Strings, and Reagan’s famous gray Anglo-Arab, El Alamein.

Apparently, according to retired U.S. Secret Service agent John R. Barletta, in his book RIDING WITH REAGAN,  riding El Alamein was challenge Reagan relished facing.

A magnificent gift