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What does Secretariat mean to you?

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Video of the Secretariat movie’s director Randall Wallace talking about Mrs. Chenery’s reaction upon seeing the film

My husband works for ESPN/Disney, the studio producing and distributing this movie. In the interest of very full disclosure, I used to work there, too, but so long ago that Disney wasn’t even in the picture. Regular readers of this blog know that I’d be writing about this movie anyway, all over it like Calvin Borel is the rail at Churchill, even without my family connections with the company.

Way back in the days of disco, I was fresh out of college and beating the streets of Lexington, KY, for a job, any job, related to my Mass Communications degree. That’s how I ended up applying for a job in advertising sales for a local radio station.

The sales manager, perhaps only a couple of years older than I was and very athletic-looking, led me back into his office. As I write about this, I remember him referring to his office as “a boys club.” That should have been a hint.

No matter. I needed the job. The economy even then was tough for inexperienced job-seekers.

When I saw his wall art, I worked to contain my excitement. Hanging over his desk was the newest limited edition photographic print from local equine photographer Tony Leonard, “Secretariat at the Belmont.” So, could this sales manager really be a kindred spirit?