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Quick Impressions of WEG 2010

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Say ... this coffee wagon serving up tasty beverages in the Equine Village at the KY World Equestrian Games looks kinda familiar . . . /Photo by Rhonda Lane

Yes, things have been mighty quiet here lately. That’s because I’ve been out gathering some awesome things for you.

I spent in KY during the final days of the World Equestrian Games, then I returned home for a couple of days to switch out suitcases and computer thumb drives before a weekend writer’s group retreat to work on the book.

Even though I was in KY during WEG, I didn’t just go to WEG. I only attended WEG for two days.

Now, I realize that some of you just fell out of your chair with shock. Only two days? Out of a week in Kentucky during the World Equestrian Games???

C’mon —  y’all know I didn’t spend that week lounging at the hotel pool, despite the 90-degree afternoon temperatures.

2010 WEG: The Mom & Pop Hotels

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Odds are, unless you’re taking a group of people to Kentucky for a specific job – say, to compete or to work — on the 2010 World Equestrian Games, you probably won’t be staying for the entire event.

So, you probably won’t need a house. You’ll probably be looking for a hotel.

If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider driving to what could be called “the outer boroughs” for lodging.

And you may not want to overlook hotels I call “the Mom & Pops.”

Outside the office of one of my favorite central KY hotels/Photo by Rhonda Lane
Outside the office of one of my favorite central KY hotels/Photo by Rhonda Lane

After all, you just want a place to sleep anyway. And, FWIW, you just might find some overlooked jewels.