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October 2011 Twitter Round-Up

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Just because we’re now deep into November doesn’t mean we can’t do a Twitter Round-Up for October 2011. What with the Arc and the BC11, October tends to be a big month for horse racing.

But we’re not all-about-racing here. No sirree. A USA gold medal, ze fillies making a sweep and stylin’ are part of October’s Twitter fun.

Quick Impressions of WEG 2010

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Say ... this coffee wagon serving up tasty beverages in the Equine Village at the KY World Equestrian Games looks kinda familiar . . . /Photo by Rhonda Lane

Yes, things have been mighty quiet here lately. That’s because I’ve been out gathering some awesome things for you.

I spent in KY during the final days of the World Equestrian Games, then I returned home for a couple of days to switch out suitcases and computer thumb drives before a weekend writer’s group retreat to work on the book.

Even though I was in KY during WEG, I didn’t just go to WEG. I only attended WEG for two days.

Now, I realize that some of you just fell out of your chair with shock. Only two days? Out of a week in Kentucky during the World Equestrian Games???

C’mon —  y’all know I didn’t spend that week lounging at the hotel pool, despite the 90-degree afternoon temperatures.

Keeneland Library – Keeper of racing’s history

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A video about the Keeneland Library’s collection from the Daily Racing Form

If you’re in or near Lexington and enjoy horse racing history, swing by Keeneland to checkout the library. You can look up some stories from racing’s past.  Or admire the equine art on display. Or gaze at the sweeping vistas of Bluegrass pastureland from the windows. Or  collect your thoughts far from the roars and stresses of the crowds.