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October 2011 Twitter Round-Up

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Just because we’re now deep into November doesn’t mean we can’t do a Twitter Round-Up for October 2011. What with the Arc and the BC11, October tends to be a big month for horse racing.

But we’re not all-about-racing here. No sirree. A USA gold medal, ze fillies making a sweep and stylin’ are part of October’s Twitter fun.

Horsing around in the Middle Ages – guest post by author Jeri Westerson

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With renaissance faire season in full flower, we have a guest post from medieval  mystery author Jeri Westerson.

Jeri's latest - Now a finalist for the 2010 Macavity for the Sue Feder Historical Mystery Award to be presented in October.

Now, it’s time to, well, get medieval. Take it away, Jeri.

Man and horse was a formidable force in the Middle Ages, galloping across Europe and beyond to conquer, to destroy, to impose their will on their neighbors. And a mounted knight still cuts a romantic figure in our imaginations today, regardless of whether that knight upheld the chivalric ideals that legends like King Arthur have told us they do.

First, they were chevalier, horsemen (a horse is a cheval in French). These ancient horsemen evolved into the ruling class. Being a knight was an expensive proposition.