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For Dexter Grass, a fond farewell too soon

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If you can’t see the video embedded above of Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow singing “Landslide” on the Oprah Show, click on the link.

The Internet allows us to find people who share our interests. Doesn’t matter where they live or what time we each live our waking hours. We can still connect.

When I began blogging, then dipped a toe into social media, a lady who lived in Texas and loved horses and antiques and especially antiques that depict horses was among those who “got it.”

Horses in Grand Central Terminal?

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Nick Cave – HEARD•NY from Creative Time on Vimeo.

Click on the link above if you can’t see the embedded video. (Vimeo builds links into its embedded player. Pretty cool!)

Move over, Joey and Topthorn from WAR HORSE. Thirty of Nick Cave’s horse puppets will glide through Grand Central terminal for the final week of March 2013, two visits per day at 11 and 2 pm. The horses are part of Grand Central’s centennial celebration, as stated on this First Things blog post by Maureen Mullarkey.

Check out Emily Johnsen’s article on the Dappled Grey blog about the horses in Grand Central.


Saddle up, Doctor: Horses and Doctor Who

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Actor Matt Smith learned to ride for the episode. Image from Doctor Who episode “A Town Called Mercy.” Photo courtesy of BBC America.

In case you don’t happen to know, Who isn’t his name. He’s only known as The Doctor. And the actor who portrays this incarnation of The Doctor had to learn to ride, which shouldn’t have surprised him because The Doctor has a long history with horses.

New to Who?

Ten Tips for Attending the Massachusetts Equine Affaire

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From a team penning clinic at Equine Affaire/Photo by Rhonda Lane
From a team penning clinic at Equine Affaire/Photo by Rhonda Lane

Equine Affaire, the big traveling regional equine trade show, is this upcoming weekend in West Springfield, Massachusetts, about an hour away from my house.

The show is so big that you need to go in with a plan. Over the years, I’ve seen various articles about how to navigate Equine Affaire, including this one from the event organizers. Of course, I have some tips, specific to the venue, that you won’t usually see.