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Meet Daisy the Mini Horse, the Newest Hollywood Blonde

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Daisy, the mini horse, joined the cast of the new whimsical absurdist Western “Damsel” on stage for the Q&A after the film’s debut at the Sundance Film Festival.

She plays Butterscotch, a gift from Robert Pattinson’s businessman character, to his lady love played by Mia Wasikowski.

Jamie Foxx and Cheetah

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If you are one of this blog’s child readers, you’re much too young to see DJANGO UNCHAINED, despite its Academy Award nominations. Still, you can probably watch the following video from the David Letterman show. What we horsey folk are most interested in doesn’t start until about 8:24 minutes into this clip:

If you can’t see the embedded video, click on this link.

That said, Jamie Fox and his own horse Cheetah are in the movie.

Is he a good rider? Oh, yes. At the risk of blabbing a spoiler, he and Cheetah show off some smooth moves, like some reining patterns and a Spanish Walk.

Also, Foxx does some stunt riding on another horse, which he describes in vivid and typically hilarious detail in an article for The Root.



LUCK can’t clear the bar set by WAR HORSE

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If you can’t see the video embedded above of Anjelica Huston talking to Rosie O’Donnell about LUCK, click here.

I wasn’t going to write about HBO’s LUCK again until after the first-season run ends on HBO.

I may still write more once it wraps up, so people who don’t have pay cable but use Netflix will have a better idea about the series. My original story approach was going to be “Is LUCK safe for horse lovers to watch?”

Then again, considering the latest news, I could be wasting my time.