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From the Mouth of the Horse

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Photo courtesy of lyrehchsong/flickr
Photo courtesy of lyrehcsong/flickr

How did you learn your ABCs? Even if you’re a Baby Boomer with a PhD, I bet you still can’t sort your way through the alphabet without singing part of it.

Plus, I also bet that you remember the words — or, at least, some of them — to your favorite songs. And not just holiday songs that you sing or listen to every year. Novelty and TV theme songs seem to stick well, too. 🙂

Flocabulary has built its business on that concept. And that’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

The Horse Movie Drinking Game

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The trailer video for the CSI: Miami episode “And They’re Offed.”

How does entertainment balance the need to tell an exciting story with the desire to be realistic? Let alone stay within a budget?

An episode of the wildly popular TV show CSI: Miami that was set at a racetrack gave some members of an online equestrian forum fits.

Still, as someone simply happy to see horses included in a storyline on a popular TV show, I enjoyed the episode. I say to my equestrian colleagues, lighten up.

And let’s play the Horse Movie Drinking Game.

Funny Cide’s Dave Mahan

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Photo by stocknshares/iStockphoto
Photo by stocknshares/iStockphoto

First and foremost — our condolences to Dave Mahan’s friends and family. You have our deepest sympathies.

So, if you’ll beg our pardon, we have a little matter to take up with Connecticut’s media, who missed rather big local story a few years ago.