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Why Horseless #SXSW Should Worry You

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Austin Sixth Street SXSW

Not long after I began blogging ten (?) years ago, I heard about bloggers attending and learning at South By Southwest, aka SXSW. Like an annual World’s Fair with a touch of the Texas State Fair Does Tomorrowland, SXSW has expanded into a glimpse into the future for both the arts and technology. What I saw both sparked my imagination and worried me.

Who you gonna call? Tinker, the Bell-Ringing Horse

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Every time a bell rings …

If you can’t see the above-embedded video of Tinker the Bell-Ringing Horse, click on the link.

They’re everywhere – except for some places – those Salvation Army bell ringers. They’re part of the Holiday scenery. Mostly they just ring and wait. Most passers-by avoid eye contact, even when slipping money into the kettle like we’re tipping a snooty maitre d’s.

Okay. Waitaminute.

Maybe that’s just me serving a little karma time? Probably because of the Christmas I yelled at a harlequin.

Angus and Clydesdales and Shires – Oh My!

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Angus and Merida from BRAVE
Our old post about Angus brought us a great history lesson I had to share. Photo courtesy of Disney

We’re going for a ride in the Way Back Machine. In this case, we’ll go back to early 2012. Not very far. Just a little jaunt because a blog commenter gave me a great history lesson on an old post. I enjoyed reading the series of comments, and I think you’d like them, too. Most people don’t read blog comments, but I don’t want you to miss this.