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Becoming a Whisperer

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If I use the term “horse whisperer,” who or what pops into your mind?

  • Buck Brannaman?
  • Monty Roberts and his book?
  • The Nicholas Sparks book?
  • Robert Redford movie made from Sparks’s book?
  • A different clinician?
  • The 19th century British Toadmen?

Well, it certainly isn’t me. I hope not. I’m more of an equine squeak toy.

Besides, my horse time has been curtailed. As in, like, BOOM. That’s it.

Many of you are in a similar same boat.

So, I’m making the best of things, if possible. I aspire, for the foreseeable future, to become an Instacart whisperer.

Field trials: dogs and horses

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To our readers — links to the  embedded YouTube videos are now below the screen.

Video of Sahuaro Brittany Club and Greater Phoenix Brittany Club Spring 2008 Field Trials.

Do you love horses and dogs?

Our friend “listens to horses” – yes, that’s her nom de Net — was kind enough to suggest some options for our horseless horse-lovers to spend some time with horses.

One of them is to attend a field trial near you. listens says that you don’t have to have a horse or a dog to be welcome.

Sounds like a non-riding equestrian vacation to me.