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How to evaluate a riding vacation with Darley Newman of Equitrekking

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If you can’t see the above-embedded video clip from Equitrekking with Darley Newman riding Ireland’s Ring of Kerry, click on the link.

Everyone has a Bucket List, even if it isn’t written down and only consists of poignant stray thoughts. If you’re not familiar with the term, a Bucket List is a compilation of dream experiences to be enjoyed, places to go and things to do, before a person’s life ends.

Many horse lovers have dream riding vacations on their Bucket Lists. Perhaps riding in Ireland? Or a cattle drive out West? Or riding on a beach? Even riding on a beach in Maui? These vacations don’t come cheap though, so maybe look at ways to cut back on expenses. One thing many do is use comparison sites on bills like broadband. Going to https://www.simplyswitch.com/broadband/ could be helpful.

But what if you’re a casual rider? Or returning to horses in mid-life? Or have health issues making the clock tick faster? Do you have to abandon your horsey dreams?

Darley Newman, producer and star of the long-running TV PBS series “Equitrekking,” gives us some ideas.

National Museum of Racing’s Photo Finish tour with Tod Marks: Tips and Observations

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Racing photographer Tod Marks without a camera, a rare sight near the Oklahoma Training Track in Saratoga Springs, NY. Photo by Rhonda Lane

On two Sundays in August, during the thoroughbred racing meet, the National Museum of Racing near the Saratoga Racecourse holds a special tour of the backstretch with a professional photographer.

I took the tour on the Sunday racing photographer Tod Marks, staff photog for the daily Saratoga Special newspaper and contributor to other racing publications, led the group.

Here are some tips on taking the tour, including some of my own observations and some of the photos I took.

Four in Hand: Nancy D. Brown, travel writer

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Equestrian travel expert Nancy H. Brown on the job in the saddle on the beach.
Nancy D. Brown on the job. Photo courtesy Nancy D. Brown.

Every so often a guest takes us for a little drive in The Horsey Set Net’s Four In Hand. Our short interview series is inspired by the method of driving in which one driver manages four horses pulling a coach or a wagon, a four-in-hand.

The way it works here, an interviewee receives a list of a dozen or so horse-related questions. Some questions assume horse experience, some don’t. Of those questions, said interview subject picks four to answer. Our previous Four In Hand driver was marketing exec by day/author by night Jennifer Fusco.

Nancy D. Brown

Our latest “driver” for “Four in Hand” is Nancy D. Brown. Nancy has a job many of us would dream of having. She gets paid to travel and, whenever opportunity presents itself, ride horses on her trips. Pretty cool, huh?

One of her recent stories, a guest post by Kate Matheson, is a trip to Argentina, which includes a ride through rugged country in Patagonia. Nancy also has non-riding horse-lovers in mind as in this blog post about Hotel Indigo, a great spot for those going to the races at Del Mar.  Nancy calls the San Francisco Bay Area home.

So, let’s get started with that first question.

1. Did you have a horse or pony when you were a child?

“Champagne Wishes” Horse Trips: White Turf of St. Moritz

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Photo by Andy Mettler.  Photo courtesy © swiss-image.ch

Guts, glamour and more than 30,000 people take to the ice in St. Mortiz for three consecutive Sundays in February for White Turf of St. Moritz with three different kinds of horse racing on the ice.

An arts and food festival come with the races, adding a festival atmosphere.

It’s an event for a Champagne Wishes, Caviar Dreams list, equestrian-style.

Let’s go check it out.