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Are Friesians the New Palominos?

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"My contract says I get baby carrots and apples, but only Red Delicious. "/Photo by Rhonda Lane

They’re baa-aack. As if they ever went away.

Those ubiquitous movie Friesians have been all over the latest premium cable costume dramas.

The Borgias?” Check. “Game of Thrones?” Yup. “Camelot?” What do you think? 😉

Nothing says money, power and intimidation like riding up on a Friesian horse.

Or a rise in status than upgrading to a Friesian saddle horse.

Or a sign that a character might be full of himself, maybe even over-mounted. Let alone, over-estimating his skill.

Choice of mounts as storytelling device? Who knew! Let’s see more.

Those Ubiquitous Movie Friesians

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"I'm ready for my close-up"/Photo by Rhonda Lane

Friesian horses galloped their way into popular culture in the 1985 movie “Ladyhawke,” and they’ve majestically stood their ground in cinematic imagination ever since.

So much so that I’m often amazed to see which historical period a Friesian horse will end up in next.

And I often wonder just how historically accurate their appearance might be?

Black Friday Doings

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Photo by Rhonda Lane
Photo by Rhonda Lane

Our three Friesian friends here are not waiting for a store to open early on Black Friday.

However, many Americans will spend a perfectly good day off from work by getting up at 5 am or worse to be the first at the stores when they open at 6 am.

You savvy Horsey Set Net readers won’t have to do that. Our friends at Amazon have set up a (link removed)Black Friday Sale, which appears to start early and end late. Just so you don’t have to stagger out the door early into the dark. Or miss out on the bargains because you’re too sane to join the crowds.

Some of the deals seem to be ready now, as of this writing a couple of days before the US Thanksgiving. If you haven’t noticed lately, Amazon isn’t just for books and movies. Also, the sale will run into the next week up til about midnight Dec. 4.


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Photo by Rhonda Lane
Photo by Rhonda Lane

Congratulations! You’re in on the ground floor, so to speak.

Welcome to The Horsey Set.Net. (Don’t forget the dot net. Very Important.) We’re going to have a great time here as we celebrate horses and their impact upon our culture. Check out the About page, too. So far, this post and that are all there is. For now. 🙂

I photographed the horse above at the Kentucky Horse Park. I think he thought I had treats.

He and his pals back there are Friesians, an ancient Dutch breed that’s heavy enough to carry knights in armor but graceful enough for modern dressage. We see Friesians in many movies from Ladyhawke to 300. They’re recognizable by their size, usually solid black color and the long feathered hair above their hooves.

Famous owners of Friesians are Martha Stewart and the family of Aerosmith’s Joe Perry.