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What’s up here?

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The World's Cutest Brute Force Spammer
The Cutest Brute Force Attack/ Photo by Rhonda Lane

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting as often as I was. I’m so grateful to you all for reading and subscribing, so you should know a bit of what’s been going on. Several of my writer pals have stopped blogging. Perhaps you’ve wondered if I stopped, too?

No way.

Update on The Book

Twitter Roundup – Takeways from #DBWDM12 for #horsebiz and others

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Those hashtags in the headline refer back to the source of this article, tweets I saw from attendees of the recent Digital Book World Discoverability and Marketing in New York.

Designed for authors and ebooks, speakers and attendees at the DBWDM conference (and a few other Twitter watchers like me) offered suggestions applicable to other activities, including equine-related endeavors. I didn’t attend DBWDM in-person, but I watched what people Tweeted about it.

No matter what you do, maybe you’ll find these net tricks or ideas useful. I’ll be listing Tweets which also include the sources, the people who tweeted them, so you can look up their websites online.

Decoding the Twitter gobbledeygook

@AName – is the Twitter handle. If you click on it, you’ll see that person’s Twitter homepage.

RT means I’ve forwarded what someone else said and that source’s name immediately follows the RT.

#horsebiz or #writing means readers can track a discussion of the subject via the #hashtags. Think of # as an indexing tool.URLs are shortened to fit within Twitter’s 140-character limit.

Links are to the websites being discussed. Any links you see are safe and direct clicks to web sites and even a Twitter homepage.

Now, here we go …

That explains all the pictures of cute pets, pretty horses and hunky dudes on Facebook

Twitter round-up returns

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Just to make sure you don’t miss out, here’s a brief summary of some horse news that came over Twitter in the past month. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, here’s a refresher

  • Messages can be only 140 character long
  • Those @names are Twitter handle/addresses (mine is @RhondaLane)
  • Messages are called Tweets
  • News moves fast on Twitter

… which explains why I don’t whip up a blog post about each one. Some news could be about events happening Right Now, but for whatever the reason, I just can’t get up a blog post in time.