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We’re back!

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MA Equine Affaire Breeds booths
Horses move in and out of the stalls at the breed display booths at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire.

Yes, we’re back. We moved from one web host to another. With any luck, you’ll never notice, except, of course, I blabbed.

A heartfelt “thank you” to Denise Alicea of Moons Stardust Designs who did a lot of the digital heavy lifting.

Anyway, I bet you’re wondering:

“What’s going on in the photo?”

Blacksmith Competition at Equine Affaire

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World Championship Blacksmith Competition/Massachusetts Equine Affaire/Photo by Rhonda Lane

Outside under a big yellow tent at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire trade show was a World Championship Blacksmiths competition.

Farriers from all over the US competed. The rules and whatnot are explained in the video below. Generally, everyone competing has an hour to make a specific kind of horseshoe.

Booksellers at Equine Affaire

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Video of bookstore booths at Equine Affaire

I was in a sassy mood when I shot this video at the Massachusetts Equine Affaire.

I needed to be stoked up because the equine trade show is always the same weekend as the New England Crime Bake. I planned to attend both in successive days. Good thing Massachusetts is a small state.

As I proved in a previous post, the two events aren’t totally separate for me. And, in this post, I’ll show you that, if you’re writing a book related to horses, Equine Affaire, makes for a great place to greet the readers and booksellers.