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Obama Inauguration Parade Equestrian Units

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Dec. 2008/Reviewing stand construction/Photo by Rhonda Lane
Dec. 2008/Reviewing stand construction/Photo by Rhonda Lane

In case you haven’t heard, the US has a new President taking office on January 20.

Barack Obama will take the reins (bad pun), saddle up (arrgh — worse pun) as the 44th President of the United States.

After the swearing in on the steps of the US Capitol, he’ll basically lead a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue to his new home for four or eight years.

Then, he and his family will take a seat in those bleachers that you see under construction in the photo from December to watch the parade in his honor.

Several of those units marching in the parade include horses. Let’s check out the groups who are, so far, slated to march in the inaugural parade.

Rose Parade, virtual-style

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The USC Band, led by the team mascot The Trojan riding Traveler

I have to give HGTV credit — they ran the parade with very limited commercial interruption. And, thank you too, Jenny Craig. I’m happy to give you a freebie shoutout for your New Year’s gift to us horse lovers.

On HGTV, we saw all but one of the equestrian units in the parade. All received a “lower third super” identifying the group.

Apparently, those who watched other networks weren’t so lucky, according to some commenters on the Horse Channel website article about the parade.

But, not to fear, The Horsey Set Net has your back. With the help of various sources, we’ll have our own virtual Rose Parade.