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How Equestrians Are Athletic

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Yeah, we hear it all the time. “The horse does all the work.” Or, “The rider’s just sitting there.” And don’t get me started on what I’ve seen on Twitter.

C’mon. You know The Great Ones at anything make what they do look easy, right? The hard work, let alone the 10,000 hours it took, only shows in that they’re invisible.

Equestrian sports are team sports in which a human athlete’s partner is:

Memories of an Olympics Trial Judge: Eventing Cross Country

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If you can’t see the above embedded video from last year’s three-day event at Greenwich Park, the venue for equestrian sports, click here.

Cross country looks like a point-to-point scramble in which horse and rider are expected to leave the scenery intact, but there’s more to it.

Historian and author KB Inglee, our guide behind the scenes of three-day eventing, served as a fence judge when she volunteered to work on the Olympics trials for eventing back in the day. Let’s see what she has to say:

The things I do for horse racing …

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Let me count the ways. I blog about it. I sign petitions for “racinos” to beef up purses and breeders supplements. When I do get to go to the track, I eat all my meals there and shop in the gift shop, too.

Plus, I recently spent 40 minutes answering questions for a telephone survey about sports with the sole purpose of promoting horse racing on TV.

Because the only sports I watch on TV with any regularity involve horses.

And, daggone it – I wanted to be heard.