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How Equestrians Are Athletic

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Yeah, we hear it all the time. “The horse does all the work.” Or, “The rider’s just sitting there.” And don’t get me started on what I’ve seen on Twitter.

C’mon. You know The Great Ones at anything make what they do look easy, right? The hard work, let alone the 10,000 hours it took, only shows in that they’re invisible.

Equestrian sports are team sports in which a human athlete’s partner is:

The Dancing Police Horse of New Orleans

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Check out this YouTube video found by Elaine from the Mooreland Equestrian Center:

If you can’t see the above-embedded video of the dancing New Orleans police horse, click on the link.

This video made me think of three important things:

Reining isn’t just for the ranch, the rodeo or the arena.

Police horses as a part of community policing aren’t only reactive but proactive.

Smiling helps you heal. When we smile together, we all heal.

Dressage Ain’t Just For Millionaires: Dressage for a Normal Budget

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My saddlebags are just about topped off with all this horse-pucky about dressage being an elitist sport.

Y’all know there are different kinds of dressage, right? (Well, a lot of our regular readers know, but you first-timers may not.) Did you know that some types of dressage might even be much more accessible for regular folks like us? Maybe even for Joe Six-Pack and Joanne Box-o-White-Zin, especially if they switch to iced tea and save up?

So, let’s go check out some Dressage for Normal Budgets. First up in the order-of-go …