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Angus and Clydesdales and Shires – Oh My!

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Angus and Merida from BRAVE
Our old post about Angus brought us a great history lesson I had to share. Photo courtesy of Disney

We’re going for a ride in the Way Back Machine. In this case, we’ll go back to early 2012. Not very far. Just a little jaunt because a blog commenter gave me a great history lesson on an old post. I enjoyed reading the series of comments, and I think you’d like them, too. Most people don’t read blog comments, but I don’t want you to miss this.

Meet Angus, the mighty steed of BRAVE

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First, a disclosure. My husband works for a division of the companies that produced and distributes the following movie. There. Done. Y’all know I’d be talking about this movie anyway, family connection or not.

If you can’t see the above embedded video, the movie trailer of the animated film BRAVE, click here.

Joining Maximus of TANGLED among the Animated Noble Steeds Association is Angus of BRAVE. (Don’t bother to Google ANSA. I just made it up.)