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Twitter round-up returns

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Just to make sure you don’t miss out, here’s a brief summary of some horse news that came over Twitter in the past month. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, here’s a refresher

  • Messages can be only 140 character long
  • Those @names are Twitter handle/addresses (mine is @RhondaLane)
  • Messages are called Tweets
  • News moves fast on Twitter

… which explains why I don’t whip up a blog post about each one. Some news could be about events happening Right Now, but for whatever the reason, I just can’t get up a blog post in time.

First Came the Kentucky Derby Barbie …

Posted on 4 min read 45 views

Fran Jurga at The Jurga Report riffed about the news that Mattel had created a Kentucky Derby Barbie.

Fran wants to know, Why not backstretch Barbie? She certainly would appeal to edgier little girls who would be insulted by a foofy fashion doll.  After all, Barbie has sported fashions appropriate to many different careers in her 50 years.

But I say, why not fit both needs — for personal empowerment and fashion-forward dreams. And I have just the equestrian in mind.

Or is this a good idea after all? Let’s mull this over together.