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A Clydesdale Valentine

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Look what greeted me when I opened my newest TV Guide.

Budweiser Clydesdales on TV stat
The text in the graphic says 25 of the 101 Budweiser Super Bowl commercials have included the Clydesdales. From the Jan. 30 – Feb 12, 2017, issue of TV Guide Magazine.

Actually, the text says “featuring Clydesdales.” Here lately, the commercials have been mostly “including.” That will be the case again this year, according to this article posted by Yahoo.

Here’s the 2017 commercial with a glimpse of some Clydesdales.

Buzz about Budweiser Clydesdales Super Bowl commercial

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Editor’s note, added after the Super Bowl: her name is Hope.

Courtesy the Budweiser Facebook page (thanks, guys!)
Courtesy the Budweiser Facebook page (thanks, guys!)

Beer drinkers and teetotalers love the Clydesdales. Horse people are piaffing in the streets or doing reining slides, and non-horse people want in on the fun. So, the news of an opportunity to suggest names to Budweiser for its new Clydesdale foal has gone viral.