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Make racing cool again – get Lady Gaga to the track

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I have mixed emotions about “Luck” HBO’s new series featuring horse racing. The drama will be great. The action scenes will rock. But do y’all really think it’ll get families and young people to the track? Some folks in racing are hoping it will.

If you can’t see the embedded video, click here for the Luck trailer.

“Please, God, let me be wrong,” but “Luck” looks a bit like “John from Cincinnati” Goes to the Track.

“John From Cincinnati” was a gritty HBO series about surfers. Except America expects to see, when someone mentions surfers, blue skies, bikini babes and blond hunks.  Not a bunch of sad sacks yelling and swearing at each other while eking out a hand-to-mouth existence with occasional forays into spirituality.

Believe it or not, I still liked JFC, but I think there were maybe a dozen of us who did. John and his friends gave us land-locked folks a taste of what attracts people to surfing, but the show sure didn’t make surfing look cool.

And don’t get me started that the “Luck’s” promo features older stars like Dustin Hoffman and Nick Nolte, who I love for their talent and grace. But that’s the point. I love them. I’m at that awkward age – too old to swoon over Justin Bieber, but too young to be cool like Betty White.

If you want to grow racing’s audience, you need to appeal to the youth and young families.  Keep reading below because I have some ideas.

Friends of “Bill” Wilhemena Smith

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A Mouthpiece Sports video tour of the jockey’s room at Hawthorne Park with Inez Karlsson.

Although his fellow jocks, trainers and neighbors had their suspicions, Australian horseman Bill Smith turned out to be, as was revealed at the time of his death at age 88 in 1975, Wilhemena Smith.

That’s right. Wilhemena Smith was the first Australian woman licensed as a jockey who competed with the men.

Jockey Joe Talamo on Twitter

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Jockey Joe Talamo at Santa Anita/photo courtesy Animal Planet
Jockey Joe Talamo at Santa Anita/photo courtesy Animal Planet

I hadn’t intended for this blog to become a “Jockeys” fan site. But the show did make a splash. And we are rounding that last turn toward the Kentucky Derby.

Anyway, Joe Talamo, one of the featured jockeys on the show, is the regular rider for Derby contender I Want Revenge, who recently won the Wood Memorial in a stunning come-from-behind victory. The link is at the end of the post.

And now Joe has an account on Twitter, so we can follow along as he and his Derby horse head toward their Run for the Roses. Click here to follow Joe’s Derby Trail.

For race fan-building, Joe joining Twitter is crazy-like-a-fox.