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Why Horseless #SXSW Should Worry You

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Austin Sixth Street SXSW

Not long after I began blogging ten (?) years ago, I heard about bloggers attending and learning at South By Southwest, aka SXSW. Like an annual World’s Fair with a touch of the Texas State Fair Does Tomorrowland, SXSW has expanded into a glimpse into the future for both the arts and technology. What I saw both sparked my imagination and worried me.

America’s Best Racing says, “Party at the Track!”

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If you can’t see the video by America’s Best Racing, click on the link.

How do you get a generation comfortable with posting videos to YouTube and live-Tweeting during TV shows AND sharing their whereabouts on Facebook to go out to watch horses run as fast as they can every half hour for maybe half a dozen times in an afternoon? Attracting a new generation to the track has been a worry and a priority racing industry visionaries.

The Jockey Club, the breed registry and a major keeper-of-the-racing-flame, ponied up $5 million and came up with is America’s Best Racing. A big part of ABR is the colorful bus carrying young industry professionals to attract young adults in the towns that host the big races this year. ABR has also been a sponsor on NBC Sports’ telecasts of the main 2013 Derby prep races.

Like its target audience, the ABR team is wired into social media on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and the group’s website FolllowHorseRacing.

One aspect of the sport they’re also highlighting, especially on TV? Horse racing’s interactivity.