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2011 Kentucky Derby Coverage on TV

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Red roses/Dreamstime stock photo by Enika

Disclaimer #1 – My husband works for ESPN.  I used to work for ESPN so long ago that you may not have heard of it then.

Disclaimer #2 – I will update this post as time passes and new information comes in. If you’re an RSS or email subscriber, I’ll post a new link back to this post right before Derby weekend so you’ll be up-to-date. With any luck, we’ll have new info.

For the 2011 Kentucky Derby, NBC Sports will offer Kentucky Derby-related programming starting at 4 pm EDT. At 5 pm EDT, we’ll see the Derby coverage itself. Post time, the actual race, won’t happen until about 6:24 pm EDT, in case you’re plagued with plans away from the TV on Derby Day.

Now the worrisome news. At least, it is to me.