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Kentucky Derby memories – 1983, part 1

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Photo by wingbeats551/iStockphoto

Although I grew up in Kentucky and lived there until I was a young adult, I never attended a Kentucky Derby then.

Like millions around the world – and most Kentuckians – I watched the race on TV.

Even when I was very young, I loved the Derby. I wrote my first essay when I was 9 about the Derby. For years afterward, I kept scrapbooks filled with newspaper clippings about the race.

I finally attended my first Derby in 1983, several years after my husband and I had moved to Connecticut.

And I watched the race from the old press box roof top. Was I a member of the working press then? Uh, no. Here’s the story of how I got there.

The Triple Crown Races by the Numbers

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Not a photo from this year's TC races, but the action is nice/© Wingbeats551 | Dreamstime.com
Not from this year's TC races © Wingbeats551 | Dreamstime.com

We’ve had a lot of company lately.

Although things have slowed down now since the Triple Crown races have finished, we’ve had a lot of drop-in visitors in the past six weeks.

Our stats here have paralleled TV ratings, although our numbers are nowhere near as high.

Still, which race do you think drew the most people to their TVs? Let alone prompted Internet surfers drop by here?

Bird Under the Wire on Wing-It TV

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A disclaimer: I am married to an ESPN engineer and am a former employee myself. I’m not dissing NBC Sports – they cover equestrian events for us horse lovers, after all – but having a little fun.

Video of the end of the 2009 Kentucky Derby, before Mine That Bird enters the Winner’s Circle

Although I watched the race itself in the hotel bar after a writer’s conference, I didn’t get to watch NBC’s coverage until Sunday afternoon, thanks to the magic of DVR.

While I watched, I couldn’t help but wonder about the scene behind-the-scenes in the TV truck that served as the command center for the broadcast. Because I’ve spent some time in TV trucks during live sports coverage.

And I’m sure that, while winning jockey Calvin Borel was crying with joy, the producers and directors inside the truck must have been sputtering with frustration because they didn’t have enough information to complete their Derby TV story of big dreams come true.