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I’m all too aware of the demands of modern life. There’s so much great stuff to read/do/see. And there’s only just so much time.

As much as I would love for you to be able to stop by and visit here at the site — and I made it all pretty so that you’d want to — the realities of modern life may require a more time-efficient approach to keeping up with what’s new here.

Then, it’s RSS to the rescue. 🙂

If you’ve always wondered, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. And, if you know all about it, thank you for your patience while I explain it to folks who’ve seen those orange doohickeys and wondered what the blazes they mean.

All RSS does is give you updates from this site delivered to you. And, on this site, you have a choice of receiving your update by one of two methods.

1. The orange logo is a button that connects to a way to have updates sent like a digest, as with Google Reader. The signup takes you step by step.

2. The little form box below it sends updates to your Inbox.

Just, FYI, I won’t latch onto our email addy to send you spam. And I won’t sell it to anyone, either.

And, you may have noticed, I’m not “post happy” — I don’t post every day or multiple times a day like some bloggers do. In other words, you’ll only get an update from The Horsey Set Net when I post something new here.

In addition to the RSS feature is a similar convenience, a Comments subscription manager. As word gets out about what a great hangout this is for horse lovers, we may get into some discussions in the Comments area. Maybe you’ll want to keep track of what’s been said on a topic on which you’ve commented.

So, down below the topics and below the Comments form is a link that says, “Manage subscriptions.” That’s a link to keep you up-to-date on the latest comments on a topic. It’s another updates-via-email connection, only this one will only send you updates as long as readers add Comments to this particular topic.

Anyway, I’m still tinkering with the wiring (the programs running behind the scenes), so I might come up with some other convenient goodies from time2time. One I’m working on now is supposed to leave a trail of cyber-crumbs to Google so drop-in readers can find us here. Another is to organize the site better, sorta like an index. But that’s behind-the-scenes stuff.

Enough with the technical bulletins. 🙂

No HD TV for the Travers?

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Full disclosure time – my husband works for ESPN. And so did I, a long time ago.

I left the company for personal reasons, before it started broadcasting hardly any equestrian sports. Was I a big dummy? Or crazy like a fox? Who’s to say, except for St. Peter in the (I hope) distant future.

So, I also hope that my revelation of my connections doesn’t take any power away from this next statement — I really enjoy ESPN’s racing coverage.

I like seeing the horses, of course. And I like watching the feature stories, so that I can get a “big picture” perspective on a race. I even like the commercials from the horse farms and the companies offering products to them.

All of the commentators are knowledgeable and fun to watch, especially Jerry Bailey who brings experience and energy to his analysis.

But I have a minor quibble. (No, I’m not in a snit because we didn’t get to catch a glimpse of Funny Cide. 😉 ) The title gives you a hint — why wasn’t the Travers Stakes aired in high definition TV?

Now that we have a big screen TV, I’m spoiled beyond belief. If I’m watching an HD channel, I don’t want to see those “screen fillers,” the adapter bars flanking the image on a show that’s been shot in “standard definition” TV. Especially when I’m watching a live show from a company that I know has live HD capabilities.

Let alone on an important race, like the Travers Stakes. It’s right up there in importance with the Triple Crown and the Breeders Cup races. Plus, Saratoga in the summer is plenty picturesque. Just as much as Del Mar was on Sunday for the live racing coverage from there. Which, I may add, was in HDTV.

Geez, guys. Come on. I want my HDTV.

Feedburner Follies – technical difficulties

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See that orange button doohickey thing up there in the banner?

Clicking on it is supposed to help you stay up-to-date on all the happenings here at The Horsey Set Net. Pretty cool, huh? Right convenient. Except it’s not connecting to what it needs to connect to.

Technology is full of surprises and “opportunities in disguise.” Especially for us newbies learning on-the-job.

Thanks for your patience. We’ll get these technical difficulties straightened out.

A Derby winner at the Travers anyway?

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Just because Big Brown is passing up Saturday’s Travers Stakes doesn’t mean that TV viewers won’t get to see a Kentucky Derby winner on TV.

Travers contender Tale of Ekati might be ponied by, at one time or another, 2003 Kentucky Derby winner Funny Cide.

Yes, as a 3-year-old, Tale of Ekati was born the same spring that Funny came to fame.

Funny Cide, a gelding, didn’t have a second career as a breeding stallion ahead of him. So, his trainer Barclay Tagg gave him a second career as one of his stable ponies.

So, if you spot footage of Tale of Ekati with a chestnut pony, that pony could very well be Funny Cide. And, better yet, the ESPN announcers might tell us if it is. Coverage begins at 4:30 pm EDT.

As I said before, this August is a big month for coverage of equestrian competitions.