Horse Costumes for Children

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First, to our readers who subscribe to our site via RSS feeds (updates, like a digest):

I noticed in my last night’s email reader that the animation of the babies in horse costumes was replaced by the text “Amazon Widget.” Bummer!

So, those of you who keep up with us here in a reader or via email updates, you’ll need to click to the site here to see the fun costume parade, which is displayed in an animated gallery and includes caption commentaries.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying seeing the variety and creativity that goes into these costumes.

So, let’s get on with the show.

We continue our horse costume parade. Check out the costumes for babies .

Horse Costume Series

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October snuck in under my radar. The leaves changing might have been a hint. Let alone all the big bags of candy in the stores. Not to mention the decorative spiders and witch’s hats.

But all that means is that Halloween is just around the corner.

So that you can plan your outfit based on our favorite critter, we’ll have a costume parade of horse costumes for tots and adults. Even for pets, who can be dressed up to look like horses.

But, before we look at the “store bought”costumes, let’s check out some made on-the-cheap with lots of Imagination.

When you click on the link, you’ll need to scroll down to see Homemade Horse Costumes. In one, you’ll see that a cardboard box and some paint makes a noble steed. Another starts with a stick horse.

Anyway, the next post will be horse costumes for babies. Enjoy!

“Horse Withdrawal” Update

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I found a place to get my horse fix while I get healthy enough to ride again – a place I’ve driven past almost daily in the <cough>ty years I’ve lived in Connecticut, USA.

Pleasant View Stables has been through many variations on the “suburban horse farm” theme over the years. But it was primarily a boarding stable. Now, they offer lessons and pony parties, along with boarding.

But I’ll be mostly in “The Kids Barn” where the lesson and party ponies reside. I’ll be grooming ponies. And one mule.

Editor’s note: As I write this addition in 2012, the Kids Barn at Pleasant View has not only been at another location for a couple of years, but it is now closed.

I’m not strong enough yet to ride, plus I never dealt with my lack of confidence in the saddle. Elaine at Pleasant View has agreed to let me groom to start getting my mojo back.

She’s understanding about granting my need to be around horses yet to allow me to take it very slow so that I can regain my confidence. Let alone my strength after years of treatment for an illness.

Now I just have to learn moderation. The other night, in a happy adrenaline rush, I groomed three ponies and one mule during the three hours my first night.

Several days later, though, I’m still taking muscle relaxers for the pain of unfamiliar tasks on top of daily wear and tear.

I need to learn moderation. No more grooming four of them in one evening. I have to learn to pace myself. No matter how much fun I’m having.