Where and When to watch the 2020 Kentucky Derby on Labor Day Saturday

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A Labor Day Kentucky Derby! Who’d’ve thunk it!

Every year here, I post when and where to watch. If you’re a regular reader, despite my irregularity of posting, you probably have a good idea of when to tune in to the action. Then again, that’s a little different, too.

“Behind the Scenes” on Social Media

May 2, 2020, and A Kentucky Derby Week Like No Other

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Even though I’m glad 130,000 people won’t be standing shoulder-to-shoulder at Churchill this year while a silent-but-deadly virus runs loose,  many of us still consider the First Saturday in May a beloved holiday tradition

This year, Churchill and NBC are planning special coverage for Kentucky Derby Day, considering postponed Big Race itself has been postponed to early fall.

Live racing will be represented by the Arkansas Derby, postponed from early spring and still considered a Derby prep race this year. .

Yet we have old genetic memories of celebrating the arrival of spring, after all.

Churchill and NBC are calling the Saturday afternoon coverage the “Kentucky Derby Party at Home.”  There will be a mix of social media video and regular TV coverage.

Instead of the Derby day race undercard, which I will miss, there’ll be social media coverage including how to make various child-friendly Derby-related objects, like a fascinator. The Party at Home page linked above shows which channels and times.

I know. Most readers of this blog are like me. If there’s no horse, then, “What else ya got?”

Classic and a New Twist on Racing

Becoming a Whisperer

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If I use the term “horse whisperer,” who or what pops into your mind?

  • Buck Brannaman?
  • Monty Roberts and his book?
  • The Nicholas Sparks book?
  • Robert Redford movie made from Sparks’s book?
  • A different clinician?
  • The 19th century British Toadmen?

Well, it certainly isn’t me. I hope not. I’m more of an equine squeak toy.

Besides, my horse time has been curtailed. As in, like, BOOM. That’s it.

Many of you are in a similar same boat.

So, I’m making the best of things, if possible. I aspire, for the foreseeable future, to become an Instacart whisperer.

A New Feature … Patreon!

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After I shot this video and the Patreon cleared away the “Congrats You Launched” page you see above, I realized most of you who follow this blog on RSS or via email won’t see this until Derby Day, not today, Kentucky Oaks Day.

Oops. Sorry.

Yup. I launched my Patreon page on Kentucky Oaks Day 2019.

Anyway, after years of MacGuyer telling me about Patreon, because he’s a fan of founder Jack Conte’s musical duo Pamplemouse, I finally figured out what I’d like to do with a Patreon page.

To be clear and not cast MacGuyver in an unsupportive light, he wasn’t hinting all that time, but he knew I wanted validation as a writer and artist, plus I dreamed what I did would have enough value for people to pay me for it.

I’d always known I’d launch a page if I could figure out what I could offer.

Why a Patreon page now?

When and Where to Watch the 2019 Kentucky Derby, Plus Update on Post Position Draw

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Ailing–but improving–cats, as well as another deadline or two,  may be occupying my time, but it’s Derby Week.

Which means, it’s the holidays here.

Time for the annual where/when/how to get in the spirit post if you can’t be in Louisville. Or if you’re in Louisville and are allergic to crowds.

Heads Up, the Post Position Draw

The Post Position Draw has been moved from TV to online streaming. Last year, it was on Facebook. This year, it’ll be on the Kentucky Derby website starting at 11 am ET on Tuesday morning.

Derby Weekend

NBC Sports is producing coverage and will offer a live stream on its website.

This article on TechRadar lists where and when to watch if you’re a cord-cutter or you live outside the US.

A note from me

Back in 2009 when I started this tradition of “when and where to watch the Derby,” our options were cable or regular TV.

Also, NBC Sports has a long-term contract for the Triple Crown races, so the outlet covering the races is going to be the same for a long time.

Yet, I’m always amazed at how many people turn to this blog to learn more about when and where to watch. Even now, as blogs receive less traffic and social media rules the internet.

So, thank you for your trust.

And thank you, NBC Sports, for the following graphic, which I helped myself to.

4-6 p.m. ET
Kentucky Derby Access
12-6:30 p.m. ET
Kentucky Oaks Race
12-2:30 p.m. ET
Kentucky Derby Prep
2:30-7:25 p.m. ET
145th Kentucky Derby






And Now Technical Difficulties, Too

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Rocky and Me
When selfies go sideways. Rocky, my current lesson pony, and me.

The icing on the cake that is first quarter of 2019 is the most recent update of the WordPress theme I use for this and my other blog. Text formatting is now gone from my posts, turning them into clunky blocks of text. Web Wizard Denise and I are on the case, but it’s a stumper.

Just wanted to let you know.

Update, as of April 15: The line spacing may be fixed! Yay!