Happy Birthday to us!

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Happy 5th birthday to us! When The Horsey Set Net first went live in late July 2008, I had no idea what I’d be blogging about, as this first post indicates.

Back then, the Olympics were just about to begin in Beijing, except we horsey folk were paying particular attention to the action in Hong Kong, where the equestrian competitions took place. The World Equestrian Games, slated for American soil for the first time ever, loomed ahead in 2010 like a shiny city of dreams.

Have we had fun since then, or what? 😉 Harry Potter in “Equus.” Zenyatta Mania. Falling in love with Joey in both incarnations of “War Horse.” Living the Derby dream each and every year since.

Who has the breeding to go the distance in the 2013 Belmont Stakes?

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Congratulations to Palace Malice, who despite all those numbers to the left, made it down the seemingly endless Belmont stretch first with Oxbow and Orb in pursuit. If you read the article, the previous sentence should make more sense. You still may scoff at dosage, but that’s okay. Plenty of people do. So, enjoy this article through the lens of hindsight.

2013 Kentucky Derby winner Orb dining on New York grass a couple of days before the Belmont Stakes in this video from The Blood Horse

I don’t claim to be a handicapper, even though I do have a rather popular and sought after article on dosage, a concept most handicappers ignore and even sneer at except for Triple Crown time.

Anyway, dosage is a numerical representation of a horse’s potential in regards to his (mostly, his) ancestry. Still, dosage, especially dosage profiles A guideline of thoroughbred breeding is “breed the best to the best.” Of course, anyone – any horse, even – can have a bad day.

Here’s quick and oversimplified summation of the Dosage Profile so you can follow along: