Ways to stay cool in the heat? Part 2

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In cooling summer riding apparel
Cowgirl of Seven J’s Farm and I after our lesson on an evening in late June 2015. I have to rely on the following: Mens wicking/cooling golf shirt from Ocean State Job Lot. Cooling scarf from REI. Cooling cuff and cap under the hard hat from now-defunct CoolMedics. Lighterweight breeches by StickySeats. Photo by Christine Lentz

Heat teamed with humidity is my Krytonite. I hid under AC for years. Here’s how I learned to enjoy/tolerate/endure summer without living in a bubble. And yes, it involves horses.

Four In Hand: Author Brittney Joy

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Brittney Joy and Austie
Brittney’s first horse Austie, a bay Quarter Horse/Standardbred cross. Photo courtesy Brittney Joy
Showdown cover by Brittney Joy
Showdown, Book 2 in the Red Rock Ranch series

This time, “Four In Hand” goes West, thanks to “driver” author Brittney Joy, author of the Red Rock Ranch series of novels.

“Cowboy Boots or Muck Boots,” Brittney says in her bio, “always have been my shoe of choice.”
Us, too. We’re mighty glad to meet you, Brittney.
In case you’re new here, Four In Hand is a Q&A series inspired by the coach for which one driver has the reins to four horses. For our 4IH, I give the “driver” about twenty questions, and she or he can pick the four they’ll have the most fun answering.
Without further ado, take it away, Brittney!

Four In Hand: author Toni Leland

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Risky Business by Toni Leland cover

Our new Four In Hand “driver” is author Toni Leland. Four In Hand is a Q&A series inspired by the coach for which one driver has the reins to four horses. Our driver today recently released RISKY BUSINESS, the fourth novel in her Kovak & Quaid romantic mystery series.

Toni lives about an hour away from me. I see her at various Connecticut writer events, as well as signing her books at the Morgan horse booth at the  Massachusetts Equine Affaire. We only have time to wave at each other in passing because her table is thronged with readers.

Four In Hand, second round: Author Jennifer Fusco

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Author and marketer Jennifer Fusco has returned to drive our Four In Hand. Hard to believe it’s been three years since her first stint as driver.

Jennifer FuscoSince then, her self-published marketing-for-authors guides did so well they were re-vamped, expanded, and published by Belle Bridge Books. Her contemporary romance FIGHTING FOR IT, set in the world of boxing, is slated for a September 2015 release by Penguin. Her company Market or Die Author Services (MODAS) is doing gangbusters for various romance authors.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s let Jennifer take the reins. But, first, she wants to revisit a couple of questions:

Picnic at Adsit Racing in Saratoga

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“More pasta salad, please,” says wanna-be party goer behind Abigail’s mom. (Photo by Rhonda Lane)

I was over-the-moon delighted to be invited to a picnic last summer at Abigail Adsit Racing Stable in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Well, now you can come along, too. You can see it’s a gorgeous summer day. The racetrack is dark, meaning there’s no racing, so folks are about as free as they get during the race meet when horses still need tending.

So, you never know who may drop by.

An Old Friend Departs: RIP, Creator

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If Brad Pitt had been a horse, he would’ve been Creator.

Creator 2006
Not one of his best photos, but I’m at liberty to say that. At the rainy 2006 Old Friends Homecoming, Creator waits for the volunteer leading the tour to dish out a carrot.  Yes, photo by Rhonda Lane

When I met Creator at an early version of the Kentucky Old Friends Farm nearly ten years ago, he cut a dashing figure. A caramel apple chestnut with a teardrop of a star nearly obscured by a lush forelock. He pranced. He tossed his head.

Catnip to horse crazy girls.

At a farm where feeding carrots to former champions is the big tourist draw, Creator was hands-off, yet irresistible, a quintessential “bad boy.”