In cooling summer riding apparel
Cowgirl of Seven J’s Farm and I after our lesson on an evening in late June 2015. I have to rely on the following: Mens wicking/cooling golf shirt from Ocean State Job Lot. Cooling scarf from REI. Cooling cuff and cap under the hard hat from now-defunct CoolMedics. Lighterweight breeches by StickySeats. Photo by Christine Lentz

Welcome to the website my husband calls “The Pegasus Galaxy”

About the site —

We celebrate horses and culture. Horses in the arts, in the news, in our memories. Famous horses, fictional horses, and not-so-famous horses.

We’re inclusive, too, as we welcome enthusiasts of all breeds and equestrian disciplines. Equestrians and wanna-be equestrians are all welcome here.

We’ll even talk about options for tourism — how to get to and spend some leisure time around horses without riding. Not everyone can ride, for whatever the reason.

We’ll show you ways to include horses in our daily lives when we’re really too busy to own one or even ride.

If you’re a horseless horse-lover looking for a place to visit online, then you’ve come to the right spot on the web.

Policies and Disclaimers

Blog comments are moderated manually. This is a spam-free zone, so thank you for your patience as I approve your comments. Questions are great, opinions are fine, but please no flaming, no cursing, and absolutely no spitting on the floor.

I very rarely review any media unless it made a splash in mass media popular culture, such as with “War Horse” and “The Horse Boy.” If you’re an author with a horse novel, contact me about doing a Four In Hand, Q&A.

About some affiliate links:

First: “Rhonda Lane of The Horsey Set Net is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.”

What that means is some links on my blog will take you straight to an Amazon page for a book or product, which pays me a small fee, buy you are so very welcome to not purchase anything.

Also, just so you know, all my links are safe – or, at least, I set them up as safe – and if you click through to a sales page you’re welcome to only consider it interesting information.

Second: As of this update in April 2015, I’m pretty much out of the affiliate link business. There may still be some on the site, and I kinda hope they’re dead because I wasn’t making any money that way. The only reason why that first statement is still here is some affiliate links may still lurk somewhere deep inside the post archives.

My Bio

After decades of reasons not to ride and then a multi-year health issue, I’m back in the saddle and taking lessons again to build my skills and muscles.

I have a mystery novel in the works. The fringe of Kentucky horse country is the setting.

I’ve also blogged about my life with horses. Here’s some of what I’ve written so far.

My Derby Week 2008

Visualization for Nervous Flyers

“Choose Wisely” post at “Equestrian Ink”

6 Horsey Things About Me

The Kids Barn – a beginner lesson stable where I volunteer

Glenfiddich Explorers

The site is no more, but for a while, I was an “Expert” at Glenfiddich Explorers, a now-defunct travel web site sponsored by the single malt whisky company. For them, I wrote pieces on “The World’s 16 Greatest Horse Races” and a list of “Jockeys in the Saddle” at that time. Perhaps I’ll post those lists – or, at least, updated versions – on this blog.

Anyway, here at The Horsey Set Net, we — who am I kidding? — I  hope to entertain you and inspire you. Sometimes, authors and other experts join us to answer a “Four In Hand,” a Q& A interview. We might even expose you to new ideas about horses and their legacy on our culture.

In my own journey of re-discovery, I’ve found lots of great stuff.

And I’m eager to show it to you.

Luke the Budweiser Clydesdale and me
Luke the Budweiser Clydesdale and me

Rhonda Lane

Email me at admin (at) thehorseyset.net


Psyched to announce that The Horsey Set Net has been listed as one of DugDug’s Top Pet blogs for 2013! DugDug is a new pet supply and care shopping comparison site as profiled in the “Bucks” blog in the New York Times website Your Money section.