Horse racing on TV, Covid 19 style

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Can you have Triple Crown racing coverage without frequent breaks for lifestyle or fashion stories? 

You bet!

On the coverage for The 2020 Belmont Stakes, we saw a lot more reporting on the horses and the jockeys and the owners. Athlete profiles. 

I used to work in sports TV production covering live events, so I was curious about how the coverage would be accomplished. Maybe you’ll also enjoy this article about the tech behind-the-scenes at the 2020 Belmont Stakes .

Check out race caller Larry Collmus’s call of the 2020 Belmont Stakes. Sounds right, looks eerie. But it’s safe.

That bug is way beyond nasty business, and I’m not referring to any jockey.

I did indulge in the Zoom era’s new guilty pleasure — snooping in the background behind presenters.

Also, earlier in the day’s coverage, you may have seen Pure Sensation run in the Jaipur Stakes before the Belmont and wondered how he was afterward.

Maybe you remember, he’s the nine-year-old grey who received coverage before the Jaipur Stakes.

Pure Sensation had been a contender back in the day and had even won the race. He was still a serious contender in 2020. On Saturday, he was up in the front of the pack for a while, only to fade.

According to Equibase, he pulled up tired after having been bumped. That’s all I could find.

I’m going to assume the best.

Good wishes, everyone! Let’s be careful out there.



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