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How are you guys doing? 

The news is frightening, and I hear so many heartbreaking stories hitting too close to home.

The world is so vast, but we’re all sharing this experience.

And we’ve chosen none of this.

Many of our usual cultural and personal touchstones are off-limits now.

So here online and on the phone, I’ve been touching base with various local and not-so-local friends.  I want to know how you are. 

Granted, I’m aware of and grateful for being lucky and comfortable. So far.

That’s the subtext of gratitude, an awareness of the transience of the good times. 

This year, I learned one of my top strengths is Connectedness, according to Gallup Strengthsfinders. I’ve learned that not everyone has that strength. There are 34 Strengths. Yes, capitalized.

Connectedness is my #3 Strength. I believe we’re all a community with more in common than first glance might suggest. I notice circumstances like synchronicity. Some high Connectedness folks are active in an organized church. So far, that’s not me. But I do have Faith.

I guess it’s no surprise then that my favorite animal is the horse, a herd animal.

However, I am besotted with our cats. The Project Cat is doing great, BTW. Thank you for asking. Our cats are family.

For me, for the foreseeable future, horses have returned to the “virtual” realm. Like some of you, I’m under high-risk, “house arrest,” which makes me look super fierce on-paper. If that’s the worst that happens to me and mine, we are lucky indeed.

For good or ill, we mystery writers like to use crime slang, which may or may not be tasteful. But we are liable to say stuff like, “house arrest,” “on the inside, ” and “in solitary.”

If you fall into that latter category, either comment below or email me at remlane at gmail dot com. However, if it bounces — Google insists I’m a cyber-hoarder and my storage is full–let me know.

Connectedness is my #3 Strength. My #1? Empathy.

Even if you’re not holed up in solitary, how are you doing? Hanging in there?



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  • Jerry (JD Bell) bell
    March 26, 2020

    I ran across your blog while looking for something else. But I have old friends who love and live with horses and cats. One of my daughters is still horse mad, though she hasn’t ridden for years. We are doing well, as far as I know. We are asked to shelter in place, I venture out cautiously for food and to mail bills. We had cats once upon a time, I still am visited by them in my dreams. My friends are well and I hope you will prosper as we collectively work our way through this. I have two books out independently, a third in progress. Drop me a line with your book’s title and I will read it. Take care.

    • Rhonda Lane
      March 26, 2020

      Hi, Jerry. Nice to cyber-meet you. Horses can be sticky in one’s life. Like your daughter, I started out horse mad, but learned the hard way to choose between horses and my future, which I did — and the decision made me miserable for decades. Cats do visit us in our dreams. I’ve also experienced that. I could also say what you said — my friends and loved ones are well. Our household has dug in to shelter in place except for forays to get prescriptions. And we’re making plans for adventures once this ends. As for my book, thank you for asking, but it’s not pubbed yet. I’m hoping for later this year. I’ll be talking about THAT in the months to come. Nice to meet you! Thanks for commenting. Welcome!