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After I shot this video and the Patreon cleared away the “Congrats You Launched” page you see above, I realized most of you who follow this blog on RSS or via email won’t see this until Derby Day, not today, Kentucky Oaks Day.

Oops. Sorry.

Yup. I launched my Patreon page on Kentucky Oaks Day 2019.

Anyway, after years of MacGuyer telling me about Patreon, because he’s a fan of founder Jack Conte’s musical duo Pamplemouse, I finally figured out what I’d like to do with a Patreon page.

To be clear and not cast MacGuyver in an unsupportive light, he wasn’t hinting all that time, but he knew I wanted validation as a writer and artist, plus I dreamed what I did would have enough value for people to pay me for it.

I’d always known I’d launch a page if I could figure out what I could offer.

Why a Patreon page now?

Several reasons.

Part of it is to get started under the line before the new iteration of Patreon launches in a few days. I wanted to be part of the original system.

It is true that the deadline made me think harder about what I could do and offer. Frankly, deadlines make my teeth itch and give me anxiety. Deadlines have caused me and other creative friends to cut corners. I realize deadlines are a fact of life, publishing, and news, but sometimes the results aren’t pretty and content consumers may not suffer, but they feel unsatisfied.

As a consumer myself, I know that feeling all too well.

Another reason why I started a Patreon, MacGuyver will be retiring in a few years. True, he and I both want me to have creative freedom, but I also want to help keep our lights on both here on the blogs and at home.

And — something I haven’t told anyone else — I need to work around my social media addiction. I’m terribly dependent on Facebook. My thinking is, with a Patreon page, if I’m paid to produce content to share with people, I can avoid Facebook a bit better and be more constructive with my time.

Important stuff to know

I have no plans to close this blog in the near future.

Frankly, I did think about combing my two websites. But that’s not for a while yet.

Accessing The Horsey Set Net here will always be free.

I’ll repeat myself: accessing The Horsey Set Net here will always be free. Even if I move it to my other site, I’ll always be free.

What I’m offering on my Patreon page is a first look at first drafts of posts that will go up here and on my other blog. The medium and content of those posts is dependent upon the tiers.

If I’ve messed up my priorities, I’ll happily blame “deadlines.”

I hope you’ll consider joining the party over there. Frankly, you won’t miss anything over here if you don’t, but I’m kind of using a Patreon page as a glorified tip jar.

Enjoy 2019 Derby weekeend, or as they say in “Lou-uh-vul:” “Have a good Derby!”

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