A New Year’s Blogging Question for You

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A pet supplies company is interested in me blogging sometimes about products they sell. I’m very excited they’re interested in what we do here. Even after I listed my concerns, they were still interested.

I know. Right? Very exciting!


But I don’t want us to lose our flavor. Nor do I want to lose your trust.

I don’t plan to writing anything particularly out-of-the-ordinary for us. No salesy listicle of “five things you need to buy before you begin riding lessons.”

Come to think of it, I may do an adult beginner’s list, but it would of be weird things I’ve found helpful, products this particular company doesn’t sell anyway. Come to think of it, maybe Amazon’s affiliate program might take me back? More about that later.

Ze Tentative Plan

Anyway, with the pet company, all that would change on this blog, IMO, is I’d drop the names of products I use in links within the text of a post I’d probably write anyway.

You could click on that link to go and see the thing on the company’s sales site and buy it. Or you may even decide, “Nah. I don’t want it.” Either would be fine by me.

However, if you were to click through and buy, I’d get a little piece of the action to help keep the lights lit here.

Demographic Missteps

In the early days of this blog, back in 2009, I was giddy when an Irish betting site approached me about putting up a link to their site.

I know. Right? International readers! Someone from a similarly horse-obsessed nation who wants to invest.

But talk about an awkward mix. You can probably count the number of handicappers who follow British racing via this blog on one hand.

An Uneven Track Record

I just couldn’t resist someone wanting to pay me (a.k.a., chip in to keep the lights on), so I put up the link.

Our readership plummeted by about fifteen percent. Seriously. Stats don’t lie, no matter what Mr. Clemens says. (Remember “Lies. Damn Lies and statistics.”)

So, I contacted the lads across the pond, explained my situation, and returned their money. I should’ve kept a percentage of the year’s pay, but there went that Honor Bone again. It’s like having a trick knee and just as bad for business.

I also was an Amazon affiliate in those early days. Someone bought a $$$$ computer monitor after clicking through my affiliate link! Talk about giddy!

But  I never received the commission because no one else would click on the links, so Amazon dropped me as an affiliate after a year or two.

It’s just as well. As a novelist, I’m a supporter of independent bookstores. Ten years ago, having an Amazon affiliate link, even for Halloween horse costumes for your pets, was considered bad form among the literati. And may still be, although indie bookstores are rising like phoenixes around a Dumbledore.


A Miniscule Piece of the Action

Granted, some money to pay various expenses here would be nice. The day’s coming when this blog will need to earn its keep.

But I want know what you guys what you think. BTW, you do know that any silence will be interpreted as, “Yeah! Let’s DO this!” 😉


UPDATE: As of January 21, 2018, I told the company “thank you but I probably should pass.” After trying, I couldn’t come up with enough horse-related articles for you, so I decided to decline the offer. Thanks for your patience.

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