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Big corporations have taken a couple of years to do this, to update their websites to compliancy with the General Data Protection Regulations set by the European Union, a.k.a., GDPR.

As usual, the information trickled down to us little guys late enough in the game we have a few weeks before the May 25 deadline to get our acts together.

I had thought that, because I don’t sell anything here nor do I make any money from it, I didn’t need to fix this site. But between sending out notices of updates to the blog via email and the Google Analytics plug-ins, let alone requiring y’all to send me your email addresses so you can comment on posts, I realized I have to toe the line, too.

Plus, I’ve always taken the safety of both you and your info seriously.

Big knight, little knight
Photo by Alsen of Pixabay / Creative Commons license

So, you’ll see on this blog’s footer menu a Privacy Policy and GDPR form. My blog tech wizard Denise of Moonsstardust Designs took care of setting up a “plug-in,” an app built into the wiring of the blog, to help.

Still, I worry if I’ve covered all my bases. My latest obsession seems to be how can GDPR affect how I run my websites. In the past week or so, I’ve read a lot of disturbing and sometimes contradictory material. I thought I’d done my due diligence already, yet I also have the blessing and curse of a good imagination when prompted with new information.

The Givens

Anyone who subscribes via email or RSS feed–if anyone still uses an RSS reader–is welcome to unsubscribe at any time. Inboxes get full. Interests change. Life happens.

I understand. Many’s the blog I’ve unsubbed from and decided I missed, so I re-upped. Or I left it at bygones being bygones because everyone moves on.

David and Goliath via Wikimedia Commons

But GDPR is also about data protection–a.k.a., me keeping your email addresses safe.

I’d never sell them. Heck, I don’t even have access to them because Feedburner did (note the past tense and see below) everything. I never even see an email address, unless you comment on my blog. And I don’t do anything with those, either. I wouldn’t ask for them, except the blog forms require you submit them when you comment. I always figured, no big deal.

Complicating matters is Google reportedly no longer supports Feedburner. (I wish I’d heard from them about that. “Sooner” would’ve been nice.) Like many small-timers who are semi tech literate, I depend on the apps I use to protect data.

Except what if a platform is no longer supported or updated? What if some hacker considers that situation fine fishing/phishing grounds?

And what if, buried inside user Terms & Conditions, is a clause wherein I’m on my own and on the hook if someone breaks into my “house” here and steals your info?

That would just sicken me anyway, in addition to any penalties. Y’all trust me, so I would feel tremendous guilt at having broken your faith in me.

It’s enough to make me half-consider deleting everything here and over at my author website, but I don’t want to.

Heck, over there, if I want to be a novelist and extend my career beyond the blogosphere, I can’t delete that site.

I’m SO grateful for all of you

I’m so honored and appreciative that y’all still read this blog.

When I went over to my websites’ Feedburner dashboard, I saw that y’all are pretty much staying put, despite my irregular posting.

So, thank you. I cried some tears of gratitude when I saw that.

Granted, we don’t have any new folks coming in, but that, too, I understand.

Since I began this blog, a lot of action and readership has moved over to social media, especially Facebook.

It is what it is. I’m on Facebook a lot, too. Friends, family, special interests. It’s all there in one place. Why click around on other sites?

I get it.

The Changes

  1. What I said above about the footer menu with the Privacy Policy (still in the works) and GDPR form. In some respects, it’s just Covering My A(pp), but I mean it. To me, the safety of your data is a serious.
  2. Denise took the Feedburner subscribe by email form off my blog and substituted one from Jetpack.
  3. (More like, 2a) I think current Feedburner feeds will operate up until Google lets Feedburner collapse on itself, like Yahoo was letting Yahoogroups decay while operating. Still, you might want to unsubscribe from your current Feedburner feed and re-up via the current feed form on the upper left of this blog. Then, again, I don’t think you have to do that because Feedburner always asked you if you were sure you wanted to subscribe in a form called a double opt-in. Still, if Google isn’t supporting Feedburner, I worry about its security and maybe you should, too. My apologies for the confusion. It reflects my own.
  4. You should also know, I need to find out if I can get access to Jetpack’s email collection information in case you ask me for it, a requirement of GDPR.
  5. A minor update that bugs me: I had to take down my Thank You page to put up a page devoted to the Privacy Policy, which I have yet to write. All those shoutouts to people who helped me are gone. That makes me sad.
  6. I’m considering closing posts to comments and deleting comments, too. Not sure if I need to go that far, but the thought has occurred to me.
  7. After a decade of hemming and hawing, I’m working on a newsletter of sorts but the sign-up will be on the other blog. (I ended up choosing MailerLite, a new email platform since I wrote that post. And thanks to the new information, I’m in the process of changing the signup forms, so please don’t go over there yet.) I want to keep this blog non-commercial as long as I can get away with it. Granted, that wasn’t my original idea–I was going to be one of those “internet millionaires!”–but I have more freedom with this being more of a personal blog, plus I get to use those helpful free embeddable images from a certain international stock photography house. Horse blogs need photos. Period.

The Bottom Line: I want my websites to be compliant and safe for all of us.

Got questions? Email me at rhonda at rhondalane dot com. (Does writing out an email address like that even work anymore? 😉 ) If I don’t have answers, I should be able to find them. And it may be something I should know.




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