Retirement of Thoroughbred Race Horse Artic Storm Cat

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Arttic_Storm_Cat_RetirementArtic Storm Cat, New York’s popular white thoroughbred racehorse who often upstaged everyone at Gary Contessa’s Saratoga stable, retired to a new career.

His rare white–as listed on his registration papers–coat attracted attention at the track.

What charmed fans and built his own fan base was his people-lovin’ personality.

Bettors often wrote him off, then he took a second at Saratoga and a couple of thirds at Belmont Park.

And then he was injured early this year.

What started as sad news, a career-ending knee injury, turned to happy news. He’s now part of a stable that specializes in helping children.

His absence from the track is still a bummer, to a certain extent, for his connections and racetrack fans. We won’t see him walking under Saratoga’s pines. Or get to visit him at Gary Contessa’s shedrow.

But it’s great news to all the children and volunteers who’ll work and play with the sweet-natured colt who gives glasses-smearing kisses.

We’ve all heard the euphemism, “He was sent to a farm with lots of room to run around,” so the journalist in me insisted I confirm where he went.

From what I know about his connections, they love their horses and are crazy about this one. I had a feeling he’d be okay, but the voices of my old editors are strong within me, like a series of Obi Wans urging me to “use the Force.”

Or, in my case, it’s the voice of a dude named Bob insisting, “Get confirmation.”

I’m not at liberty to tell you where Artic Storm Cat moved to, probably because it’s a private stable that works with children, but he’s in a good place.

If you’re on Facebook, go to his fan page. Scroll through the entry illustrated with the graphic you see above. Click through all the comments, even the replies to the comments. You’ll see a photo of him in his new home with friends.

He’s in a happy place.

One stall door closes, but another door opens.

Goodbyes can be the doors to more hellos.

UPDATE: Artic found a family via the stable where he’d been laid up.  Check his Facebook page for more info.



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