2018 Rose Parade Horses and Extras

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First, Happy New Year!


So you know what that means over here on The Horsey Set Net …

Horses in the Rose Parade!

The broadcast begins at 11 am and runs until 1 pm EDT.

I give HGTV credit for its commercial free broadcast which grants us glimpses of the equestrian units.

However, that may not be enough — or wasn’t enough, depending on when you read this. No problem. I’ve got your back.

First, a preview from the Rose Parade social media, Twitter and the Facebook page.

Photos from #Equestfest presented by @WellsFargo! We can’t wait to see our equestrian units march in the #RoseParade on New Year’s Day! Album: https://t.co/1FookKtL7s pic.twitter.com/KbAd0Pmee1

— Rose Parade (@RoseParade) December 30, 2017

A listing of the equestrian units appearing Rose Parade show the usual supsects, aka the ones we love to see every year.

Equestfest is a pre-parade show presented by all the equestrian units of that year. Last year’s was cancelled because of an outbreak of equine herpes, according to the Daily Bulletin (and my hazy memory.)

Back in the heyday of TV westerns, actors rode in the Rose Parade, as you’ll see in this Classic Horsey Set Net post.

Here’s another blast from the past, but the recent past, in 2017:

Still not enough horses?

Okay. I understand.

Not the Rose Parade, but an Aiken, SC, holiday tradition. The Hoofbeats Christmas parade in video made by Aiken Tourism:

So, welcome 2018!

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  • Fran
    December 31, 2017

    Thanks so much for this, Rhonda. I am distracted by a breaking news story that I have to follow, so I can’t watch the parade! I’m hoping for a replay. I wonder if you saw my story about Rusty, the Wells Fargo stagecoach’s off leader? He made a big comeback from a complicated splint bone fracture and I wrote about him earlier this month:


    So there’s something to cheer about! Ada Gates, the Rose Parade’s all-important horseshoe inspector, was on the case and took a selfie with him!

    • Rhonda Lane
      December 31, 2017

      Hi, Fran! What a great story about Rusty! I’m glad you brought it to light. The TV announcers probably won’t have time to mention it. I noticed KTLA’s website had a replay of last year’s Rose Parade on January 2. I’ll keep an eye out for a link. Good luck on the story you’re covering! Thanks for stopping by and saying “hi.” Happy New Year!