THIS is Saratoga

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Saratoga Selfie
After a misty morning at the track side breakfast, a full day of racing is ahead. And, tis true: no hat and no fancy clothes. Sorry to disappoint.

I made one trip this summer to the races at Saratoga, with friends to the Whitney Handicap.

Also, as y’all know, I’m campaigning via social media to win the Backstretch Tour package for the 2017 Breeder’s Cup in DelMar in the #BCSweepstakes. The contest sponsor helpfully provides ready-made video and tweets we can post.

This is one of them:

Did anyone else notice what’s missing in the above video of Mike Smith talking about Saratoga before the Whitney Handicap?


The background looks like the previous week’s video about Monmouth Park for the Haskell, except for some images of the grandstand and the track action.

Um. Okay. Yes, all very true.

But Saratoga is also about this:

Saratoga Racecourse families
Families bond over the excitement of seeing the horses up close. Photo by Rhonda Lane

And this:

Horse flanked by fans at Saratoga
A trip to Saratoga Racecourse is a family experience. Photo by Rhonda Lane

And this:

Getting close to the people and horses at the heart of the day.

Jockey signing autograph
Jockeys on the way to saddle up sign autographs. Photo by Rhonda Lane

A family is ready for the race, waiting for the horses to come down the stretch.

Saratoga Racecourse is for families
Family railbirds. Photo by Rhonda Lane

Families picnic in the track’s backyard. Family traditions are born.

You don’t have to sell the track as “Vegas outdoors,” although it can be that, too. There’s room for everyone.







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