A Clydesdale Valentine

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Look what greeted me when I opened my newest TV Guide.

Budweiser Clydesdales on TV stat
The text in the graphic says 25 of the 101 Budweiser Super Bowl commercials have included the Clydesdales. From the Jan. 30 – Feb 12, 2017, issue of TV Guide Magazine.

Actually, the text says “featuring Clydesdales.” Here lately, the commercials have been mostly “including.” That will be the case again this year, according to this article posted by Yahoo.

Here’s the 2017 commercial with a glimpse of some Clydesdales.

I have to admit, I like it.

I appreciate that a beer company known for catering to a mass market is cinematic treatment to aspects of its history that resonate today, as well as including our favorite Budweiser representatives.

Also of note, the Clydes are featured in the thumbnail for the video. Hard to miss those pristine iconic white feathers standing in the mud.

I also know what you want, my friends.

After I’d sent a fellow horse blogger a link to that Yahoo article, she joked we should make our own Clydesdale commercial.

At first, I laughed. Then, I realized …

  • I have a bunch of photos I’ve taken of Clydesdales in the the past ten years. Not just Budweiser Clydesdales, either. I may be a terrible photographer with a smartphone, but I can rock a Nikon D90, a digital SLR, especially on sunny days. 😉
  • I need to learn Powerpoint for a panel at the New England chapter Romance Writers of America conference this April.

I can make a Clydesdale slide show in Powerpoint for us.

Presenting: “Clydesdales Galore”

The video is silent. I didn’t have time to go through the hunt for music, too, especially to wrap up before Super Bowl week.

If you want to share it, you need to share the link. On YouTube, it’s Unlisted. Probably a bad idea, but it’s really a work-in-progress. This version is just for us.

For the next version, I’ll find music and probably re-edit because I’m overly fond of the two digital “flipbook” sequences. After that, I’ll make it public.

So, please enjoy.

Not only is “Clydesdales Galore” a Valentine to Clydesdale horses, but it’s a Valentine to you, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Readers!



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