Happy Holidays 2016

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May the holidays amaze you with beauty and joy.

Video: the seniors on the 2015-15 Ethel Walker School equestrian drill team.

For more video from the Ethel Walker equestrian team, including this year’s holiday shows, check out the team’s Facebook page.

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  • Fran
    December 20, 2016

    Spanish Riding School, eat your hearts out! Now, Rhonda, are you going to tell us how they did that (in the dark)?

    • rhond7
      December 29, 2016

      Hi, Fran. Yikes! I didn’t know you’d commented, so thank you. I don’t receive comment notifications via email any more. 🙁 Must be a situation with the new theme/hosting/phase of the moon/caprices of fate.

      Anyway, I’m curious, too. Had to be battery operated LEDs along the tack, especially those nose drops, but those lights look BIG.

      I’d thought about finding out before I posted but didn’t think I’d get the info in time to post before the holiday. I opted for a bit of holiday magic.

      Happy Holidays and New Year!