Equestrian units in 2017 Rose Parade

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Don’t miss out. Click through the slideshow above. Thank you, Getty Images, for your embeddable images.

2017 will be one of those New Year’s that bummed me out as a kid. With New Year’s Day on Sunday, the Rose Parade will be held on Monday, when everyone has to go back to school or work.

Now it’s no big deal with DVRs and even some YouTube video shot by enterprising parade goers and units.

Back in those “dinosaur days” without DVR a Sunday New Year’s causing the Rose Parade to go on Monday used to make me long for a snow day that never happened on demand. Anyhoo,

The parade must go on

Yet, another Grinch lurks in the shadows, a scarier one which prompted the cancellation of Equestfest, the equestrian unit show before the parade. Concern about spreading the equine herpes virus.

According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, the Equestfest venue had been quarantined due to the outbreak of EHV-1 in November. A new venue couldn’t be found in time, so organizers cancelled Equestfest for the first time in seventeen years.

For the parade, safety protocols will be in place, such as no horses sharing water or equipment.

The parade Monday

Here’s a list of the equestrian units we can expect to see in the parade Monday, according to the Pasadena Star.

Unless you know something I don’t know, cable’s HGTV still offers the best view of the horses.

This just in: The Parade Poo Crew

We don’t see them on TV, but the sanitation team becomes part of the show, according to this article in The Daily Breeze.

I usually DVR the parade.

Yes, I marvel at the floats with their creativity and thousands of flowers, but my inner child gets impatient. Hello? Horses! We pause the DVR playback over the equestrian units to get a closer look at the horses and their tack.

Technology is wonderful – while it behaves. 🙂

Happy New Year!


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