Encore Performance of National Theatre Live’s “War Horse”

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Not the Stephen Spielberg movie, but the one with all the horse puppets.

The holiday season gets busy fast, so you may want to save the date. If you haven’t seen it, you may want to consider it.

If this announcement rings any bells, it’s because I gave y’all a heads-up a couple of years ago about the original National Theatre Live performance of “War Horse.”

Performance dates seem to vary by location and are slated for early December. Again, showings won’t be at the local multiplex but your local indie film theater.

If you live in central Connecticut USA, the performance I know of is Dec. 11 at Trinity College’s Cinestudio at 1 pm EST. There may be more. The National Theatre Live website says some performances start on Dec. 6.

Some caveats. Also, just because the horses are played by puppets doesn’t mean you won’t cry. It’s okay. You won’t be the only one. Go with a good friend. Make an afternoon or evening of it.

Watch it for the artistry. Watch it for the history. Watch it to see how far we’ve come.

Despite the rollercoaster ride of “feels,” a stage production of “War Horse” is worth seeing the artistry and the amazing portrayals of equine personalities, so arm yourself with tissues and be brave.





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